Tylan Powder For Dogs Eyes Infections and Tear Stains

Tylan Powder or Tylosin Tartrate Powder is a highly safe antibiotic used to treat specific types of eye infections and reddish tear stains in dogs and cats. In the following article, I tried to answer all questions that may arise in your mind related to Tylan Powder for your dog. Tylan powder is water-soluble, bitter in taste, and available in injection, powder, and gelatin-capsules form.


Tylan Powder Benefits for Farm Animals

Before I start to tell you all the health benefits of Tylan powder and other tylosin tartrate medication uses. It has proved benefits for dogs, cats, small animals, and mammals like cows, sheep, chickens, and the other farm animals. 

Is Tylan Powder is FDA approved to Use in Dogs?

I want to clear the question "Is TYLAN Powder FDA approved antibiotics for dogs?.

The answer may be difficult to digest for many of you because Tylan powder or tylosin containing powder, infection, pills, or solution is not FDA approved to use in dogs. Due to its high tolerance and huge benefits, many Veterinarian uses tylosin powder to treat Gastrointestinal infections in dogs like diarrhea, upset stomach, etc.

Tylan powder is suggested by veterinarians because of its effectiveness in treating all types of gram-positive bacterias and few gram-negative bacterias. 

Why Veterinarians Use TYLAN POWDER To Treat Eyes Infections in Dogs?

Tylan powder contains Tylosin. It related to the macrolide group of antibiotics. The Macrolide group of antibiotics contains some most effective and valuable antibiotics drugs like erythromycin, azithromycin, and clarithromycin, etc. They work as a bacteriostatic, by stopping the growth, duplication, or reproduction of bacteria in the body.

Macrolide antibiotics (tylan powder or tylosin) do not kill bacteria directly but they stop them from multiplication or reproduction.

Effectiveness of Tylan Powder for Eyes Infections in Dogs

Keep in mind, tylan powder or tylosin tartrate powder is not the number one choice to treat your dog's eye infection. Because it shows the broad spectrum for Gram-Positive bacteria but a very low/weak spectrum against Gram-Negative bacterias.

As a result, it may be used against gram-positive bacteria but not suitable for gram-negative bacteria like E.Coli, H-pylori, etc. A veterinarian may suggest the perfect antibiotic medicine for your dog's eye infection after observing your pet.

Also, there is not any recommended dose of Tylan powder for dogs. The dosage of tylosin powder may vary depending upon the type and severity of the infection. Some veterinarian suggests taking 5mg to 10mg per one-kilogram dosage for a dog's eye infection. But always follow your doctor's suggestion before using any antibiotic drug.

Is It Safe to Use Tylan Powder for Dog's Eyes Infections?

Tylan powder contains tylosin tartrate which shows some antibiotic properties as well as a growth promoter for some farm animals. It is not an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved drug to use for dogs. But due to its effectiveness Veterinarians suggest it treat some GI (gastrointestinal infections) like diarrhea, etc. It is a highly safe antibiotic but like any other antibiotics, it may show some adverse reactions or side effects like un-suggested use may result in antibiotic-resistant in the body.

It may be used to treat your dog's eye infections in dogs but it's not the first choice. Because there are many broad-spectrum, more effective antibiotics are present to treat eye infections in dogs. Consult your DOG's Veterinarian doctor before using any kind of medicine for your dog.

How to use Tylan Powder to Treat Dogs Eye Infection?

Tylan powder is water and food soluble. Commonly it is administered orally. The dosage may vary depending upon the severity and type of infection. A veterinarian may suggest the actual dose of tylosin tartrate for eye infections in dogs. Tyaln (tylosin) antibiotic is also available in injectable form. It is bitter in taste, so maybe used with some food.

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