In the following piece of article, I am going to answer a most asked question “Can Apoquel tablet be taken with antibiotic medication?“. This question is important because immune system suppressant medication like Oclacitinib maleate (Brand name: Apoquel), cyclosporin, etc can cause harm with taken with antibacterial drugs like cephalexin, Simplicef, Clavamox, Zeniquin, Albon, Metronidazole, and others.


Antibiotics for dogs

Your dog’s veterinarian may prescribe antibacterial drugs (antibiotics) for your pet if it has developed a bacterial infection. Broad-spectrum veterinary antibiotics help to treat a vast range of infectious diseases caused by bacteria.

Clavamox, Cephalosporins, macrolides, penicillin, etc only works against bacteria. They restrict bacterial growth and help to get rid of bacterial infections of the ears, paws, skin, eyes, nose, urinary tracts infections, and others.

Immunosuppressant drugs for dogs

Apoquel is the best example of an immune system suppressant drug which works by targetting the specific cytokines released by the immune system of the body.

This medicine is used to treat atopic dermatitis (inflammation on the skin) in dogs. It’s an FDA-approved medicine for dogs’ allergic disorders. It effectively treats eczema and is safe for long-term use (according to some research).

Why Apoquel should never be taken with Antibiotics?

Antibiotics help to treat bacterial infections however Apoquel aids dogs’ itchy skin. Both drugs are indicated for different purposes.

Antibiotics are prescription drugs and are only available on a vet prescription because unnecessary use of anti-bacterial drugs can cause resistance in the body against these medicines and these drugs become un-effective that is harmful and life-threatening in some cases.

All dogs have an internal defense system that is called the immune system. It helps the body to fight against all kinds of infectious microbes that may cause infections. It works as a shield and keeps dogs healthy.

Drugs like Apoquel works by suppressing the immune system which increases the risks of infections. So using immunosuppressant drugs for dogs that are already suffering from infection is prohibited. Because immunosuppressant medication may delay the recovery process and may worsen the infectious disorder.


Only a veterinarian may decide whether should a dog use Apoquel medication with antibiotics or not. Although, it’s not recommended to take Immunosuppressant drugs with anti-bacterial medication. Because it may results in a delayed healing process (recovery) and may worsen the existing condition of the infection.

Doctor Xeeshan

Doctor Xeeshan

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