The short answer to this question is, NO. Apoquel is an immune system suppressant medicine and is used to treat atopic dermatitis in dogs. It relieves itchiness in dogs and provides instant relief from itchy skin. 

Oclacitinib maleate is not indicated to treat cancers in dogs. Consult a veterinarian for more details about the uses of Apoquel in dogs. 

This article examines the relationship between the cancer drug Apoquel and the dog’s immune system. It will answer the question: Does Apoquel cause cancer in dogs? Can Apoquel cause neoplasia or mast cell tumor? And if so, what is the recommended dose? Read on to learn more. Weighing the risk and benefits of Apoquel, it’s not a good choice for all dogs.

Apoquel and Cancer in Dogs

The study in dogs demonstrated that oclacitinib maleate decreased lymphoid cell count and was associated with a reduced lymph node mass. 

In addition, the oclacitinib maleate caused interdigital furunculosis and enlarged prescapular lymph nodes. It also caused pneumonia, mild dyspnea, and lethargy. 

One of the dogs in this study developed an abdominal mass and was diagnosed with an enlarged mesenteric lymph node attached to the intestinal wall. 

This mass was also associated with an elevated white blood cell count and pneumonia.

Apoquel inhibits JAK cell signaling compounds, which are essential for the constant surveillance of the dog’s body. 

It kills abnormal cells before they form tumors. JAK2 is a central component in bone marrow stem cell production, which eventually produces red and white blood cells. JAK3 aids in the functioning of the immune system, including T cells and antibodies.

Does Apoquel Cause Cancer in Dogs?

Kelly is asking: Does Apoquel cause cancer in dogs? Her dog has lymphoma and is currently on the drug. Kelly wants to know the answer to this question and find out what she should do to keep her dog healthy. 

Dr. Nancy Reese, an expert on dog cancer, weighs in with her expertise on the subject. While there is no definitive proof that Apoquel causes cancer, Reese recommends caution in treating dogs with cancer.

While Apoquel inhibits the itch cycle, it also interferes with other cell processes, including immune cells. This means that Apoquel could dampen the immune response, and dogs with cancer already have compromised immune systems. 

Therefore, this drug may not be beneficial for dogs. Fortunately, Apoquel is relatively safe to administer to dogs. And while it is still unclear how Apoquel might cause cancer in dogs, it does have many benefits.

Does Apoquel Cause Neoplasia in Dogs?

According to the package insert, yes, it does. The drug, a Janus kinase inhibitor, can cause neoplastic conditions and even tumors in dogs. 

Although these statements are based on Apoquel’s classification rather than any specific studies, they are not based on solid evidence. The manufacturer also states that Apoquel is safe for long-term use.

While there is no concrete evidence that Apoquel causes cancer in dogs, a study on mice has revealed that it does not. 

However, the researchers note that the drug has been studied in animals given excessive amounts. Although Apoquel may increase cancer risk in mice and rats, it can still support the immune response and keep B and T cells functional. 

These findings are important for evaluating the safety of the drug.

Does Apoquel Cause Mast Cell Tumor in Dogs?

The drug Apoquel works by blocking a chemical signal in the dog’s immune system. Although the drug can suppress the immune system, it’s much less likely to cause cancer in dogs than many other drugs. 

Unlike many other cancer drugs, Apoquel has been linked to mast cell tumors in dogs. As a result, you should ask your vet about this drug if you suspect your dog may have a mast cell tumor.

There are several different types of mast cell tumors, and symptoms can vary widely among affected dogs. Some dogs may show no signs, while others may exhibit signs like scratching at the mass. 

Other symptoms include bloody diarrhea, lethargy, and decreased appetite. More severe cases may involve internal spread and a larger tumor burden. The most common locations include the liver, spleen, and local lymph nodes.

Does Apoquel Cause Lymphoma in Dogs?

Many Facebook pages are propagating the incorrect belief that Apoquel causes cancer in dogs. 

Unfortunately, these misconceptions are fueled by a lack of information, which in turn leads to inaccurate information. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind when using Apoquel for your dog.

First, Apoquel inhibits the function of certain enzymes that regulate the itch cycle. But these same enzymes also influence immune cells and other processes. Thus, Apoquel may dampen an already compromised immune response. 

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