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Can cephalexin treat urinary tract infections in dogs? This article explains the cause of these infections and how the medication works. It also covers the dosage for a dog’s UTI. It’s important to discuss the medicine’s interactions with other medicines. 


Probenecid, loop diuretics, furosemide, and warfarin may interact with cephalexin. You should always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any medicine, no matter what its type.

Cephalexin for UTIs in Dogs

A dog owner may give Cephalexin to treat their dog’s urinary tract infections when the symptoms of their pet’s infection are severe. 

This medication is a semi-synthetic cephalosporin antibiotic that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The active ingredient is 7-(D-amino-a-phenylacetamido)-3-methyl-4-cephem-4-carboxylic acid monohydrate. 

Cephalexin is available only as a prescription medication. Always consult with your vet before administering any antibiotic to your pet. If you give your pet any antibiotic, you should never give it to another pet unless your vet says so.

Cephalexin for dogs is a first-generation cephalosporin antibiotic. It is a common treatment for infections caused by Staph bacteria. It can also prevent heart valve infections. 

Although most people are familiar with it from treating Staph infections, it also has multiple uses. 

It prevents heart valve infections, ear infections, and skin/eye infections. Because it is so effective, it is a common choice for treating bacterial infections in both dogs and cats.

What Causes Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs?

What causes urinary tract infections in dogs? Often these infections are occult – they happen without the usual symptoms. 

A lot of dogs may have them without knowing it because the disease is a silent killer that goes undetected by the owner. 

A UTI is caused by bacteria found in the feces of an infected dog. This bacteria has been found to cause an inflamed bladder and kidneys.

In order to determine if your dog is suffering from a UTI, your veterinarian will perform a urine culture. This test involves spinning a sample of urine in a centrifuge to separate the solids from the liquid. 

If the culture shows bacteria, a veterinarian can perform further tests on the infection to confirm its cause and determine which antibiotics to use. Antibiotics are often used to treat an infected dog’s UTI.

How Does Cephalexin Cure UTIs in Dogs?

Cephalexin is an antibiotic that treats a variety of infections in dogs. Although this drug is effective against bacterial infections, it is not recommended for use in dogs with a history of allergic reactions. 

This is because antibiotics do not work against viruses. Besides treating bacterial infections, cephalexin can also treat skin, ear, and gastrointestinal infections. It is safe for dogs and can be given orally.

Since Cephalexin can kill bacteria, it is important to provide an entire seven to the ten-day course. Failure to do so can lead to antibiotic resistance in dogs. 

Depending on the severity of the infection, the recommended duration of treatment may vary. In general, the dosage is 20mg/kg administered every six to eight hours. The medicine is also administered intramuscularly.

Cephalexin Dosage for UTIs in Dogs

While cephalexin is a widely used antibiotic for many types of infections, there are some precautions that must be taken when administering it to your dog. 

This medication is not appropriate for every dog and is not recommended to be used in dogs with kidney disease or lameness. 

It should only be administered to your dog when you have been told to by your veterinarian. Also, never administer human antibiotics to your dog.

If your dog is taking cephalexin for an infection, a veterinarian should monitor for any serious side effects, such as diarrhea and drooling. In case of any severe side effects, report them to your veterinarian immediately. 

Also, if your dog stops eating, this may be an indication that he is allergic to the medicine. In rare cases, you should seek emergency veterinary care.

How to Cure Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs?

Whether your dog has an infection in the urinary tract, genitals, or elsewhere in their body, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the antibiotic Cephalexin. 

This antibiotic works against different types of bacteria, including those that have become resistant to more common antibiotics. These drugs are typically prescribed by your vet. Your veterinarian can prescribe the right dosage for your dog based on its individual needs.

For humans, however, a single dose regimen of Cephalexin can be effective. Its effectiveness was proven in certain populations. Fluoroquinolones, for example, were once commonly prescribed for women with uncomplicated UTIs. 

However, it has been suggested that an overdose of Cephalexin can cause serious problems and should be treated by a veterinarian immediately.

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