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Getting pets to take their medications is a challenge. One of the leading reasons for non-compliance is the difficulty of pilling. 

This is one reason why many people ask, “Can you crush cephalexin for dogs?“. First, determine if the medication is crushable. Many enteric-coated tablets or capsules should not be crushed or broken. Instead, they should be ingested whole.

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Can You Crush Cephalexin For Dogs?

The short answer to this question is Yes. You can crush cephalexin (sugar-coated) tablets for dogs. However, there are some restrictions and guidelines you must follow before crushing antibiotics for dogs. 

In the case of cephalexin which is available in sugar-coated tablet form, capsules, and liquid suspension form. If you’re considering crushing sugar-coated cephalexin tablets then keep in mind that crushing can bitter the medicine’s taste. 

However, crushing cephalexin doesn’t affect the efficacy of the medicine but your pet may find it bitter in taste. 

We strongly recommend consulting a veterinarian before crushing any kinds of drugs that the vet has suggested for your pet. This is because some antibiotic medicines come in enteric-coated forms and breaking or crushing these kinda drugs may cause gastrointestinal disorders. 

Side Effects of Crushing Enteric-Coated Medicines

You can find on the medicine bottle or packing whether the drug is sugar-coated or enteric-coated. 

Breaking or crushing sugar-coated drugs may cause it bitter in taste. However, if you’re considering breaking down or crushing enteric-coated tablets. Keep in mind that it may result in some serious complications, i.e. vomiting, ulcers, bloating, abdominal pain, upset stomach, etc. 

You’re not allowed to crush such medicines that may cause digestive system disorders in dogs on crushing. 

Only a veterinarian may suggest to you whether it is safe to crush cephalexin tablets for dogs or not. 

Doctor Xeeshan

Doctor Xeeshan

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