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Some antibiotics like metronidazole can be crushed into powder or added to food. While this is an option, some medications cannot be crushed. Liquid metronidazole must be shaken before use. 

Reason Behind Crushing Metronidazole for Dogs

If your dog is having a hard time swallowing the pills, you can wrap them in a high-value treat like peanut butter or boiled chicken. If you have difficulty getting your dog to take their medicine, consult your vet for further instructions.

Metronidazole Pills for Dogs

Generally, metronidazole is prescribed for dogs and cats to treat bacterial and protozoan infections. It is commonly used in the treatment of giardia, which is a bacterial infection caused by protozoa. 

Some Common Adverse Reactions

However, metronidazole is known to cause nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. That’s why it is important to give the medication with food. 

Serious side effects can include dizziness and rapid eye movements. If any of these symptoms are present, the medication should be discontinued.

Side Effects of Crushing Metronidazole Pills

Crushing metronidazole pills in dogs can cause drooling and gagging. Although there are a few side effects of metronidazole, they are usually not severe enough to warrant discontinuation.

Because metronidazole can cause severe side effects, it is important to avoid crushing the tablet or combining it with food. 

Metronidazole Toxicity

While it can cause mild side effects, crushing metronidazole pills for dogs can lead to serious consequences, including toxicity. 

Seizures & Kidney Problems

If your dog develops seizures or suffers from liver or kidney failure, it’s essential to stop the medication immediately and visit your vet as soon as possible.

What Types of Bacteria Does Metronidazole Treat in Dogs?

Metronidazole is a popular antibiotic in veterinary clinics. It is effective against a number of types of bacteria and has become a staple of veterinary medicine. 

It has been used to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats and has been approved in some countries for use in humans. 

Can I Crush Metronidazole for dogs without Consulting a Vet?

You should never crush metronidazole pills for dogs without consulting with a veterinarian. This is not only dangerous for your dog but could also cause serious side effects in some cases.

Things to Consider When Crushing Metronidazole for Dogs

Metronidazole for dogs has a bitter taste and is often given with a meal. You should avoid crushing the tablets unless you are certain they have no stomach upset or severe allergies

Storage Guide

You should also avoid storing it near a stove or any source of heat. Metronidazole should be stored in a refrigerator. Your veterinarian should follow special storage instructions for it.


If you don’t feel comfortable crushing the pills, ask your veterinarian. There are special instructions that must be followed when crushing metronidazole pills. You should avoid mixing it with food or adding it to water. 

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