How Clavacillin Tablets help to treat UTI in Dogs? According to a study, about 14% of dogs develop a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) at once in their whole life. Today, in the following article, I would talk about all medicines (especially Clavacillin) used to treat urinary tract infection in canine and feline. UTI is a chronic disease usually caused by bacteria and may be dangerous for your pet’s life, if untreated. 

Clavacillin for Dogs UTI

UTI Symptoms in Dogs

A urinary tract infection usually caused by a bacteria may cause blood in the urine, fever, difficulty in urinating, etc. If a dog is licking his genital area, it may also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Your dog’s veterinarian doctor may suggest an antibiotic drug to treat this kind of infection. There are so many anti-bacterial compositions used to treat it. 

Best Antibiotics Used to Treat UTI in Dogs?

A Vet may suggest broad-spectrum antibiotics like Baytril (enrofloxacin), Zeniquin (marbofloxacin), Tylan powder (tylosin tartrate), metronidazole, Simplicef (cefpodoxime proxetil), Rilexine (sulfadimethoxine), Clavamox or Clavacillin (amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanic acid) uses for the treatment of a variety of soft-tissue infections, wounds, abscesses, cellulitis, periodontal disease, tooth infection, ear infection, nose infection and others which not listed here.

How Clavacillin Tablets Treat UTI in Dogs?

Clavacillin is the trademark of Dechra Pharmaceuticals, providing the best medication in the veterinary field. It contains amoxicillin trihydrate that kills a variety of gram-positive as well as the gram-negative type of bacteria by disrupting their cell wall. Clavulanate potassium is a beta-lactamase inhibitor that inhibits the growth of lactamase enzymes around the bacteria. Lactamase enzymes found around the bacterial cells and protect them from anti-bacterial drugs like amoxicillin, penicillin, etc from working. 

So, the dual effect of the antibiotic drug (amoxicillin trihydrate) and a beta-lactamase inhibitor (clavulanic acid or clavulanate potassium) effectively treats UTI (urinary tract infection caused by bacteria) as well as other infectious diseases in dogs and cats.

Clavacillin tablets are FDA approved to treat a variety of bacterial infections like Urinary Tract Infection in dogs and cats.

Clavacillin DOSAGE for UTI in Dogs

These film-coated tablets by Dechra Pharmaceuticals are available in four potencies, 62.5mg, 125mg, 250mg, and 375mg respectively. Below the Clavacillin dosage chart by weight for the treatment of urinary tract infections in dogs.

Dog’s WEIGHT                                                         Dosage (in-lb)

05 LB                                                                          Half 62.5mg Tablet (OD or Once a day)

10 LB                                                                           One 62.5mg Tablet (OD or Once a day)

20 LB                                                                         One 62.5mg Tablet (BD or Twice daily) 
                                                                                             or 125mg tablet (once daily)

40 LB                                                                         125mg tablet (BD or twice daily)
                                                                                             or 250mg tablet (once daily)

60 LB                                                                         375mg tablet once daily

80 LB                                                                        250mg tablet twice daily.

100 LB                                                                      250mg tablet in the morning and 375mg                                                                                                      tablet in the evening.

Keep in mind, the above amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanic acid tablets dosage chart is just for information. A veterinarian may suggest the exact antibiotic dosage plan for your pet after diagnosing the infection type and the severity of that infection.

Probiotics with Clavacillin for Dogs

If you’re not familiar with the term probiotics, then you must be. Because antibiotics like Clavacillin (amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanate potassium) may disturb the healthy gut flora or kill the beneficial bacteria of your dog’s digestive system that helps in digestion (in your dog’s body).

You may give natural probiotics found in the Yogurt to your dog. Probiotics like lactobacillus acidophilus are micro-organisms that provide health benefits in living organisms. Enterogermina by Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals is an example of probiotic medicine used for humans as well as in dogs.

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