Guinea pigs are rodents native to South America. They have been domesticated since the 16th century and are now kept as pets worldwide. Their average lifespan in captivity is about 2-8 years.

This article is all about guinea pig information and answers all important queries regarding their life expectancy.

They live longer if they are fed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. A guinea pig’s lifespan can be extended by up to 20% if given access to fresh air and exercise.

A guinea pig should not be housed alone. If a guinea pig becomes ill, it may die within 24 hours.


Guinea Pig guide – Things to Must Know

Guinea pigs do best in a temperature range between 68°F and 78°F (20°C and 25°C).

  • They are prone to respiratory infections.
  • Guinea pigs are susceptible to heartworm disease.
  • They are sensitive to cold temperatures.
  • They are vulnerable to hypothermia.
  • They require high-quality food and water.
  • They need a clean environment.

These pets thrive in humidity levels between 50% and 70%.

Female Guinea Pig Lifespan

Female Guinea Pigs have a lifespan of about 2 years

Female guinea pigs live around two years, although some may live longer than three years. Their average lifespan is between 1-2 years. Male guinea pigs live slightly shorter lives than females, averaging around 1 year.

Females reach sexual maturity at 6 months old

Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at six months old. At this point, they begin to show interest in males. Males become sexually mature at around 12 months old.

Females produce offspring once a year

Females only give birth once per year. When they do, their babies weigh approximately 5 grams.

Females are born hairless

Guinea pigs are born without fur. As they get older, their coats start to develop.

Females are not aggressive towards each other

Guinea pigs are generally friendly towards each other. However, if a female feels threatened she may lash out with her claws.

Females are social animals

Guinea pigs are social animals who enjoy spending time together. They often play together and groom each other.

Females are territorial

Guinea pigs are territorial animals. If a female sees another female in her territory, she will attack her. She does this by biting and clawing the intruder.

Can Guinea Pigs Live 20 Years?

Guinea Pigs can live up to 20 years!

Guinea pigs are small rodents native to South America. They have been domesticated since the 16th century and were first brought to Europe around 1750. 

In North America, they were introduced in 1869. Guinea pigs are popular pets due to their friendly nature and docile temperament. They are also known for being good burrowers and excellent diggers.

In terms of lifespan, guinea pigs can live between 10-20 years. Their average lifespan is 15 years. However, some guinea pig owners claim that their pet lives longer than 20 years.

The secret to long life? A diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs should eat at least 50% fresh fruit and vegetables daily. These foods provide vitamins and minerals that help keep them healthy.

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