A dog may be itching because he is suffering from allergies. Home remedies like coconut oil could help in providing temporary relief from itchy skin. However, it’s not a permanent solution for the itchiness. 

In the following piece of article, I will share How coconut oil can help in treating itchy skin in dogs? and the possible side effects.

Coconut Oil for Dogs


If you’re thinking that how can an organic oil help itchy skin? you’re at the right place. Because here I am going to share the reasons that would blow your mind and will clear the concept of using coconut oil for dog allergies. 


Coconut oil works against swelling and inflammation. It helps to reduce inflammation to some extent and may provide temporary relief from the itchy skin.

Skin hydrating properties

Yes, coconut oil hydrates dry, irritating, itchy, and scaly skin. It provides instant relief from dryness when is applied topically. 

You can apply a thin layer of (liquid) coconut oil to your furry friend’s skin. You can repeat applying coconut oil two to three times a day and then wash your dog with lukewarm water.

Anti-Bacterial Characteristics

Itchiness causes persistent scratching which may cause secondary bacterial infections. Coconut oil possesses anti-microbial properties and fights against the germs of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. 

Hence, using coconut (organic) oil on the dog’s itchy skin reduces the risk of developing a secondary bacterial infection. 

Allergies in dogs

A dog may be allergic to anything, yes, I mean it could be anything that is causing adverse reactions on your pet’s body. 

The allergen could be food, dust, smoke, contact with other dogs/materials, etc. Another type of dog allergy is atopic dermatitis or eczema. All these types of dog allergies cause itchiness, dryness, and certain skin disorders. 

Using Coconut oil as a natural remedy for dogs’ itchy skin can help to reduce dryness and irritation. It provides temporary relief and is not a permanent absolute treatment.

What Kinds of Allergies Do Coconut Oil Treat?

It can be used for dryness, to prevent secondary bacterial infection, and relieve skin irritations. You may consult your pet’s veterinarian for more details on it.

Coconut oil for dogs itchy paws/feet

It can be used for treating dogs with itchy paws and feet. Simply put some liquid coconut oil on your furry friend’s paws. Coconut oil reduces dryness, hydrates skin, and decreases the risks of bacterial or yeast infections. It can help with skin irritations and itchiness. However, it’s not a permanent solution. Go visit a veterinarian for a better diagnosis and treatment. 

Coconut oil for dogs itchy ears

You must think hundreds of times before putting anything on your dog’s ears. In the case of coconut oil or any other oil, anyhow, it’s not recommended. You may consult with a veterinarian if he/she allows you to do so. Otherwise, it’s not recommended at all. 

Coconut oil for dogs itchy eyes

You can use coconut oil for itchy skin and paws. But using this organic oil for ears or eyes is not recommended and you should (always) consult a veterinarian before putting anything inside your furry pale’s eye, ear, nose, or even mouth. 

How Good is Coconut Oil for Dog’s Itchy Skin?

Coconut oil or any other home remedy or so-called grandma remedies cannot treat any kinds of dog allergies, i.e. food allergy, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), environmental allergies, grass or pollen allergies, etc.

The only thing these natural remedies can do nothing but provide temporary relief from the symptoms of allergies

Coconut oil possesses hydrating, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that to some extent can help in relieving the symptoms of dog allergies, i.e. itchiness.  But the natural remedies can never be the permanent solution for dogs’ itchy skin, paws, ears, eyes, etc.

What Can I do for my dog’s Itchy Skin?

First of all, you must what is causing itchiness in your furry pale? For that reason, you must need to visit a doctor. You met may be suffering from a food allergy, any type of environmental allergy, atopic dermatitis, etc. 

The treatment for all these kinds of allergies is different. However, below are the names of medicines that are used for the treatment of a dog’s itchy dermis;

  • Apoquel (contains Oclacitinib malate and belongs to immunosuppressant drugs)
  • Cytopoint (contains Lokivetmab and is a biological medication)
  • Prednisolone (belongs to corticosteroids)
  • Benadryl (contains diphenhydramine and belongs to antihistamine drugs)
  • Zyrtec (contains Cetirizine and belongs to antihistamine drugs)
  • Hydrocortisone (belongs to steroids and is available in topical application)

Your dog’s vet may advise the best available treatment for your dog. This article is just for information purposes only. You may comment below this article for more details & may get answers to the raising questions in your mind. 

Doctor Xeeshan

Doctor Xeeshan

I am Doctor Xeeshan, located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. In this blog, I am providing authentic information about dog breeds, diseases, medications, etc.


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