Is Rilexine the Same as Cephalexin? A Detailed Explanation

The question “Is Rilexine the same as Cephalexin?” is a common one, and the answer requires a nuanced understanding. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these two medications.


Rilexine Overview

Rilexine is the brand name of a medication with the generic name “Cephalexin” or “Cefalexin monohydrate.”

This medication is a registered trademark of Virbac USA and is an FDA-approved cephalosporin antibiotic, specifically designed to treat Pyoderma in dogs caused by the Staphylococcus pseudintermedius bacteria. Pyoderma refers to skin infections characterized by the presence of pus.

Key Features of Rilexine:

  1. Formulation: It’s available in a chewable form and comes in three sizes.
  2. Flavor: The tablets are liver-flavored, making them palatable for dogs. Studies indicate that over 80% of dogs voluntarily consume these tablets.
  3. Dosage: Rilexine is available in four dosage strengths – 75mg, 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg. The recommended dosage is 22mg/kg or 11mg/lb for dogs. Always consult a veterinarian before administering any medication.
Rilexine for Dogs: Vet-Approved for Bacterial Infections in Dogs

Cephalexin Overview

Cephalexin, often recognized under the brand name “Keflex,” is a generic medication. This antibiotic is used in humans to treat a range of infections, including skin infections, urinary tract infections, and upper respiratory tract infections, among others. Unlike Rilexine, Keflex is not FDA-approved for use in animals.

Key Differences Between Rilexine and Cephalexin:

  1. Intended Use: Rilexine is primarily for treating Pyoderma in dogs, while Cephalexin (Keflex) is used for a variety of infections in humans.
  2. Approval: Rilexine is FDA-approved for veterinary use, while Keflex is meant for human use.
  3. Formulation: Rilexine is available as chewable tablets, whereas Cephalexin (Keflex) comes in various formulations suitable for humans.
Cephalexin for Dogs – Dosage

Is Rilexine the Same as Cephalexin? Answer

No, Rilexine is not exactly the same as Cephalexin. Rilexine is a brand name for the medication “Cefalexin monohydrate,” primarily used to treat infections in dogs.

Cephalexin, on the other hand, is a generic name for a type of cephalosporin antibiotic used to treat infections in both humans and animals. While both belong to the same class of antibiotics, they may differ in formulation, approval, and intended use.


To answer the question succinctly: No, Rilexine and Cephalexin are not the same, even though they belong to the same class of antibiotics. It’s crucial to understand their differences and use them only as prescribed, ensuring safety for both humans and animals.

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